Locomatrix: the Story

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LocoMatrix was formed in 2008, after an incident in a carpark. Having hiked across the South Downs (local to our base in Brighton, UK), my wife and I stopped at a pub for a quick drink. Noticing a family in a people carrier with 2 rather large children sat in the back with their games consoles, drinking cola and eating packets of crisps, we moaned how children just don't seem to run around outside anymore. I said that maybe if they had a portable computer game that encouraged them to move about, it might be more appealing. And so Fruit Farmer was born - a game like Pacman where, you as the user were chased through a maze by killer wasps whilst you tried to collect oranges. Of course, this was back in the days before smartphones (remember Nokia?) and our little mobiles had to be GPS-enabled using Bluetooth dongles. For this we won the most Awesome Use of Digital Technology prize.

Impressed with Fruit Farmer and a mobile treasure hunt we created too, the Technology Strategy board awarded £50k to us (jointly with Brighton University) for developing an educational game for schools. We floundered for a while (actually a year) to come up with a game that would be educational, fun, and fit in with an aspect of the curriculum. The idea finally arrived on a visit to Lullingstone in Kent - an archaeological simulation where children could (in Time Team fashion) dig up a Roman villa. And so Invisible Buildings was born. Now played by over 4000 children both in schools, and in conjunction with English Heritage at a number of stately homes and castles (watch out for more of these this year), Invisible Buildings has been "the best day of my life" for a number of children. We are pleased to announce that Invisible Buildings 2 will be available soon.

Invisible Buildings is intended (but not exclusively) for schools and museums. We have been asked on many occasions for a game that could be played outdoors by families on birthdays, picnics and other celebrations: something a bit different than say going bowling. We listened to you and have been working hard behind the scenes. We have taken the best bits from IB and turned into a super series of adventure games that will also appeal to the geocache community. We are just putting the finishing touches to the first game and it will be available FREE on the app stores. Further games will be available soon at under £5 (look out for our Kickstarter campaign which will be starting shortly). We invite you to meet the Geos as they star in GeoCrash! Join them as they create mayhem in the town where they live. And where they are likely to meet dinosaurs, pirates and, even, aliens.
"Just to let you know we have had another successful day today! Both classes have absolutely loved the days and have been inspired about the Romans! All equipment has worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your brilliant idea and enthusiasm!" - A Teacher
"Is it possible to book your virtual archaeology kit again for this January? It was such a success last year we're eager to repeat the experience with the new children." - Head School
"Very positive comments from children, staff and parents." - ICT Coordinator
"Thank you so much for firing up his imagination with the great Roman archaeology dig with geophys which we then played a game about online at home as he said he wanted to go ahead and do some further research!" - A Parent

What We Do: Location-based Games

  • GeoCrash


    A series of adventure games for Families based on geocaching techniques but with mysteries to solve. Meet the Geos and follow them on their anarchic journeys.
  • Invisible Buildings

    Invisible Buildings

    Time Team for the mobile generation: archaeology games for schools, museums and stately homes. Dig up a Roman villa from the comfort of your own playing field.
  • Beacon Escape

    Beacon Escape

    A series of games based upon iBeacon technology. We have been playing with beacons for the last year and have a whole series of games in the planning. Coming soon.


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